We Create Data Driven Innovation

We focus on building successful ventures by fusing the power of big data, artificial intelligence, engineering and design thinking to deliver intuitive usability and responsible digital innovation to businesses and people.

Our modes of operation

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We develop our own ventures and support them through seed funding and early development stages.

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We consult and support corporations through the discovery of data driven growth opportunities and the launch of new qualified and fitting ventures.

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We invest by building first MVPs from business opportunities brought to us by entrepreneurs and founders we believe in.


Our approach



For the last 10 years, our team has developed memorable products & services, winning numerous awards and patents.


Human Centered Design/Design Thinking

Our human centered design approach delivers relevant, effective and intuitive results. We discover needs, pain points and opportunities from the stakeholders involved to build meaningful, relevant new solutions.

UX / UI Design

Our designers take into account the holistic user experience and design every touch point of the user journey to be memorable and meaningful.



For the last 10 years, our Big Data/AI engine has been a pioneer in implementing prescriptive applications mixing all silos of heterogeneous, structured and unstructured data.


Big Data powered by AI

Our unique capability allows to target complex structural topics that require behavioural, risk and/or time correlations, audits and remediation, in a 100% safe, closed system.

Our engine integrates modern machine learning algorithms.

Multi data model engine

Our proprietary technology is based on a multi-model big data engine.


Laurence Malroux

Laurence is a data-centric software and outsourcing specialist. As co-founder of Sextant, she enabled businesses' growth, through valuable operational strategies & execution. She has been serving finance and health sectors in Germany, US and France to optimize audit, facilitate remediation and mitigate risk for over 10 years. 

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Anne Schlösser

Anne is a design thinking expert, in charge of human-centered and business design. She orchestrates the best of design research methodologies to deliver relevant and intuitive user experiences. Besides her twenty years of consulting experience in China, US and Europe, she has been running her own design consultancy studiomem for the last ten years.

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Rudolf Voigt

As partner for strategy and new business, Rudolf leads our teams towards new opportunities for data and design-driven products and services. Rudolf's career spans 10 years of corporate design and innovation for Philips, Siemens and SieMatic as their Head of Design.

He previously co-founded studiomem together with Anne.

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About us

Gladys Priso

Gladys is a “VCpreneur” and a go-to-market specialist with the ability to articulate technical acumen into sound business strategy. She is best described as Adventurous, creative, independent, resilient and insatiably curious.

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Stefan Logofatu

Stefan is a software technology scientist and architect with deep understanding and excellent knowledge of Algorithmics, Mathematics and Computer Engineering. He has twenty years of experience in concept, architecture and leading implementation of complex, state-of-the-art data-driven solutions and advanced analytics business optimization applications for manufacturing, health and financial services.

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Munich team


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