Proprietary ventures

Data and AI for business transformation

Panoramind provides audit, monitoring and automation of business transactions across the areas of sales, customer and client management. It gives organizations the key to actionable insights into efficiency, profitability and performance.

Take the pain out of bidding

Tendero is a software as a service solution directed at health insurers and pharmaceutical companies to manage the tender process. 

With tendero, health insurers can publish, review, evaluate and monitor tenders and evaluate their effectiveness over time.




SCIODATA is a custom data and ai application builder. We deliver software as a service applications for business purposes, enabling data driven transformation at speed. The Sciodata Engine integrates all types of data from across all silos to discover, adapt and build data driven business solutions.

Grant your health a vacation

Gaiaa is a B2B2C digital service, directed at people traveling with health situations. We start out by focusing on travelers with pollen allergies, providing a tool to check pollen levels in any location up to 12 months ahead of time. Our vision is to grow the service to offer solutions to people traveling with any chronic health situation.


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